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Sunday, 25 October 2009

I am still alive!!!!!

Hi everyone
I have been AWOL as I've been really busy with Wedding and card orders...lucky to be busy I know! Thats without all the housework duties, those damn fairies were hired to do and must have gone on strike LOL
Anywyas, another busy week for me....but exciting.
On Saturday it is our Wedding Anniversary [yes Halloween!!!} Our 11th to be precise We don't normally really celebrate it but this year we are off to se Les Mis in London. Ive always been a fan of the songs from the show and have mentioned it once or twice :) Then we were luck enough that in the summer the London cast came over to the Island and performed the most amazing concert of the songs...well my hubby is as hooked as me! So he booked this as a surprise and off we shall go. Big adventure, haven't been to London since living on the outskirts over 10 years ago YIKES
Then Im at a wedding fare on Sunday, then Monday we have visitors...all go in this house lol

So forgive me if I flitt from time to time, I will catch up with all my lovely fav blogs now n then. Im still having trouble with my following, I have you on my dashboard, but, I don't seem to show on some of your blogs, so I re follow as and get confusing for me iccle brain!

Have a good week all
luff mandi xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A massive massive

MASSIVE THANK YOU to Liz, Pink Petticoat....

I have had a problem printing baby pink on my printers, always have for years. Ive tried and tried to find out why to no avail...well that is until this morning YAY
I sat here about to purchase the fabby new kit and thought I will have to just buy a new printer [making 3!!] to use just for pink, try another make to Epson. So I popped over to Liz's blog where she has a whole section entitled 'Which Printer' She has given her rec on her printers and loads of you have left comments on to which printer they like. It is so helpful!! I read through all the comments and suddenly saw a lady, Annie, that has the same problem as me. Liz replied to her explaining a possible solution...changing the Printer pref, in Advance settings to ICM, which I am presuming means Ink colour Management....
Well you can guess the ret..I CAN PRINT BABY PINK double YAY
Im so happy I cant explain!!

Off to print some more pink paper tra la la la la

mandi xx


We can buy the Pink Petticoat new Fairy Lights download...It looks FABULOUS!
Having bought this kit today it has taken a while to download as there is masses in it! You wont be disappointed Im sure

Thanks once again Liz for a FAB kit
mandi xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sketch Saturday

Ive had a little bash at a sketch, over on Sketch Saturday, using more 'stuff' than I normally do. Firstly I printed the Pistachio from Pink Petticoat onto cream background and my theme was white black and green, so decided to have green black white and cream! LOL But I kinda like it. Then I lost the sketch!!! Thankfully found it but see I haven't added enough flowers...maybe that doesn't matter? Not sure
No colouring from me, I like this stamp plain and as the card is busy I [again] think it works

mandi xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Trouble printing baby pink

I thought Id ask this question on here as I have absolutely no luck with printing baby pink! Particularly from digital background papers. It isn't any of the downloads at fault, its my printers for some reason. Does anyone else experience this? Id so love to print baby pink, its my FAV colour! It always prints a lil-yucky shade
My printers are Epson DX6000, using Epson inks [have same trouble with compats too] and I have a Epson DX4000 with a CIS [continuous ink system]

As you can imagine it does my HEAD IN!!

I also have trouble with red on my CIS but Im not really a red kid so it dont bother much!

Thanks muchly if anyone can help!

mandi xx

Saturday Secret crafters challenge 52....

What better celebration than a new baby! In this case a boy. His name is Ted, isnt that cute! I did think I might have put a teddy bear on the card, but, wasnt sure, so didnt!
THis is my 'new' style, that i dreamt up or saw and cant remember where LOL Im lovign making them like it and it only takes a bit of sticking 2 sheets together at the spine end

TFL mandi xx

Daring Card makers Challenge...

Folding up
I made this card with photos supplied by my friend, as they were a bit small I was unsure of what to do, then came up with having a bash as a stair step card. I found the instruction on SCS here THANK YOU they were so easy to follow. I 'cobbled' up the tall additional peak on the side and have since found full instructions for doing the whole thing together DUH Story of my life really LOL Still it did the job

TFL mandi xx

ABC Challenge Embossing

ABC Challenge
I had to make an Anniversary card with both Polish and English wording on the front. Wanted to keep the design simple as Im not sure how they traditionally depict the anniversary over there. I was given the translation and copied letter by letter so hopefully it is ok!

My good old Swiss Dots embossing folder always comes in handy...most days!!
Sorry about the photo being so dark, but, then it hasnt much skill to the card, Im sure you can 'get it' LOL
TFL mandi xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Holiday booked

Mum decided today to book holiday for me and her! Not til next July 5th [9 months exactly to be exact!] We are off to Norway again, but much further North, even going to cross the Arctic circle! Am a tidge excited already hehe
Off on the Crown Princess, normally only been with Cunard QE2 or QM2 so be lovely to try another ship, eventhough they part of the same company

Steve will be home looking after Belle and Charlie and enjoying himself watching the world cup and cooking 'what he wants'...HOPE he clears up before i get home LOL
mandi xx

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